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New Zealand is a sports mad country where you could be surfing one hour and skiing in the next. Join the locals for a diverse set of sports and outdoor activities

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It's a Sports Mad Country

New Zealanders (also known as Kiwis) love a challenge, and a bit of healthy competition, New Zealand is an adventure playground, and it is packed with an endless range of activities and sports to play!

This country is widely known to be the rugby capital of the world, and there is no doubt kiwis are passionate about it, particularly with the All Blacks. But there is so much more to sports in New Zealand. Here you can enjoy playing cricket, netball, sailing, basketball, football, golf, tennis, volleyball, cycling, and any and all water, and winter sports (please note this is not a full list of sports we offer, for the full list please contact us).

Surf and Ski on the Same Day

If you love both the beach and the snow you have probably struggled to find a place where you can do both!

New Zealand's landscapes allow for a plethora of activities. The golden shores and the snowy mountains are only a couple of hours away from each other, which means that people can experience very different, and wonderful scenery in the same day.

Aotearoa (New Zealand, in Māori), is a must-go destination for those who crave adventure, and challenge.


Play with the Greatest

New Zealand has some of the greatest Olympians and sports players. From snowboarding, rowing, sailing, athletics, swimming, to canoeing, cricket, netball, rugby and basketball; It has some of the most powerful players in the world.

If you're a fan of rugby, Christchurch Boys High School is the number one rugby focused school in the world, producing 46 All Black players. If you love water sports such as rowing, you may be interested in schools such as Hamilton Boy's High School or Rangi Ruru Girl's School - two of which have won the most medals in NZ rowing, earning national titles. 

There are many examples of schools around NZ that have won national titles and produced national and international sports players. We are connected to many schools and institutions across New Zealand. Based on your sport of interest we are able to connect you with the best ones to achieve your goals.


Kiwis appreciate effort and commitment. They celebrate and reward those who are dedicated, hard-working and skilled.

Doing sports in New Zealand gives you the opportunity to be rewarded for your efforts and help you follow your passion by providing scholarships. Inquire within to hear more about our previous students' success stories.

Combine it with other programs

Did you know that you can combine sports with any other programs? Yes! you can choose to do a sport by itself or combine it with your studies. You can go to High School or University and even study English while you play your favourite sport in New Zealand. The possibilities are endless and amazing!


Kiwi Way Education has partnered-up with the most reputable institutions across the country to offer the best to their international students. This program is run every year from January to December.

Students can participate in this program for short-term and long-term. The options are:

  • 8 weeks
  • 1 term (10 to 11 weeks)
  • 1 season (24 weeks)
  • 4 terms (full year)

We run special programs for groups of students such as clinics, sports competitions, etc.


At Kiwi Way Education we pride ourselves in making your experience easy and stress-free by organising your trip every step of the way.

We offer several services for this program, some of which are optional:

  • Consultancy and trip management
  • Sports enrolment
  • Pick-up and drop-off from local airport (in New Zealand)
  • Accommodation
  • Medical insurance (optional)
  • Social activities
  • Guardianship (under 25 years old - optional)

The Values of Sport in New Zealand

  • Every person, of any age, race, gender, ability, or disability, feels accepted, respected and included.
  • No one misses out regardless of background or circumstances.
  • Everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve to the potential of their capabilities and aspirations.
  • There are no neglected or marginalized groups in our society regarding opportunities to be physically active.
  • Every child and young person is safe, and their well-being safeguarded and protected
  • The diversity of people participating in, supporting and enabling all levels of the physical activity system, including members, volunteers, coaches, leaders, supporters, reflects New Zealand society.
  • Organisations and their leaders have the cultural capability and responsiveness to support people of all cultures to be active in any way they wish to be.
  • Spaces and places and programmes that support physical activity are accessible to people with a wide range of abilities, disabilities and characteristics, including age. (e.g. they are universally designed)
  • Leaders across the system can walk confidently in Te Ao Māori and Te Ao Pākehā.
  • The voices and perspectives of all people, including youth and elderly, are listened to and considered with respect and empathy when physical activity programmes and facilities are being planned and delivered

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